Five Days in Canada

Last Friday, we left for a 5-day trip scheduled long before we knew the start date of construction.  Very inopportune timing.  We missed A LOT.

On Friday, the last major deliveries were made.

Lumber and plywood:

Not one, but two dumpsters:

Then on Monday, the carpentry crew arrived to prep the roof for removal.

First they cut the over-sized overhang from around the perimeter of the current roofline:

Then, they tarped their work to protect the house from any rain.

On Tuesday, the crane arrived to remove the roof while the boys supervised from across the street:

Greff provided a birds-eye view:

And, the view of the now-removed roof from the ground:

Being dismantled:

Then, the crane lifted the floor joists up for installation:

Pretty eventful couple of days to miss!  The rest of this week, they’ve managed to set the floor joists and deck for half the house… doing so in 100-degree+ heat indexes.  Somehow the FlavorIce seems like the absolute least we can do for the amazing crew working above.


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