Rain, rain, go away

For the first three weeks of this project, we sang Mother Nature’s praises.  While it was unbelievably hot, we felt to rain.  It seems we were in a rain bubble with areas all around us (and as close as a mile or two away) seeing far more showers than we.  It was like the clouds knew we needed a reprieve.

Apparently Mother Nature seems to have lost interest with us.  Here’s the email exchange from EARLY this morning.

3:08 am
From:  Greff
To:  Hillary and Scott

I woke up thinking about different things on your house and decided to tell you I knew exactly what Allan Sherman’s grandfather meant when he told Alan never to forget that “A wet bird never flies at night”.  While I was waiting for our computer to finally figure out that it wanted to work I looked outside and saw our patio flooded from an obvious storm within the past 5 hours which I didn’t even hear   .    .    .   (surprising isn’t it?).  I can only hope that our storm was “random” and you didn’t get rain.  I’m sure getting back to sleep is not going to happen until I find out what happened.  See you in a few hours.

Greff the Grump

3:24 am
From:  Hillary
To:  Greff (cc Scott)

Go ahead and sleep, resting comfortably in the fact that the grounds crew works 24×7 and has superior hearing.

As Greff always says, you have to maintain a sense of humor.


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