Nothing Upstairs

With a necessary shout-out to my PPIC (Peep Partner in Crime) Kathleen for this blog’s name, the plays on words are endless…

  • For over a year, we’ve had nothing upstairs.  A staircase?  Yes.  But an upstairs?  No.  Huh?  That’s right – we have a staircase that terminates at a panel in the ceiling.
  • This summer, we plan to tear the roof off of the house leaving us with, literally, nothing upstairs.  Which leads me to…
  • Clearly we have nothing upstairs.  Who in their right mind would live in a house while such a substantial construction project is ongoing?  Did I mention we’ll be without a roof?  Let’s not ignore our two small children – one of which still naps twice a day… at least for now.

Who’s Greff?

By relationship, Greff is my dad.  By definition, he’s a perfectionist.  By trade, he’s a general contractor.  This trifecta presents a double-edged sword for us and Greff.  We all survived phase 1 without too many calls for disownership… let’s hope we go two for two with phase 2.  For more insights on Greff, visit Adventures in Greff’s World.


One Comment on “Blueprints”

  1. Eran H says:

    Looking forward to the stories to follow

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