Drink More Water

On hot days, they encourage you to drink more water.  Today, Greff went straight to the source for his refreshment.

11:16 am

Greff:  Well, we found the water line the hard way.

Me:  Uh, ok.

Greff:  I’ll be back in an hour – just on my way to get the materials to fix the pipe.  Hopefully will have the water back on by 2 or so.

Me:  Uh, ok.  Can you bring some bottled water for Jack since its supposed to be 100 degrees out today?

Here’s the scene around 3:45 pm:

Seems that upon investigation, the pipe wasn’t welded together entirely properly in the first place and just moving the dirt around the pipe may have been the culprit in its separation.  Good thing we’re replacing the full line anyway.

Water and hydration restored.


Additional Support

Today, we gained additional structural walls to support the roof removal process.

You can now access the family room only by slipping between the 16″ space between the posts or by going through Jack’s room.  Always wanted to watch TV in a cage.

Greff says these walls “serve no purpose” after the floor joists are in.  That should be only about two weeks from now…

Operation De-insulation

Today is supposed to be the hottest of the year so far. This is not ideal.

About two weeks ago (while we were in Boston visiting our adorable niece/cousin) the insulation was removed from our attic.  Since we were in Beantown, I don’t have pics.  But, according to Greff’s account, the crew gained access via the roof hatch, then used a giant vacuum to suck all of the insulation from the attic into a large truck. Of interest, the process took longer than expected so being the good GC that he is, Greff made a Mickey D’s run for the crew.

We were worried that we’d spend a fortune on our electrical bill as the AC would have to work overtime to keep the house cool as the chilled air escaped without concern through the attic and roof.  We were wrong… at least on the cause of the power surge.

Heat rises.  Unless of course the entire space is so hot that there’s no where for the hot air to go but down.  Such is case…  It has been in the 90s and humid.  So, as the air in the attic heats up and has no where to go, it has no where to go but to press back down to the main level. Hence the reason its hot even when the AC is blowing at full blast.

Today, with a forecast of 100 degrees, we have the roof hatch open for cross-ventilation.

Greff says that in a week, this won’t be an issue, as once any section of the roof is removed, the air will have a place to escape and no longer be under pressure.  I tend to believe him, but then we’ll have other weather to concern ourselves with… like rain without a roof.

Sammy And The Backhoe

This weekend, Sammy drove the backhoe.  Enough said.  See for yourself.

Site Prep 2

While I’m sure the house will continue to get less attractive before it goes glam, today’s prep brought a big step in the ugly direction.

New Stairs to Nowhere Somewhere:  As of today, the carpentry crew that arrives in just 12 days will have easy access to the roof and attic.  No problem reaching the roof hatch when you have this handy staircase to climb:

Sammy tested out its stability:

Safer Stairs to Nowhere:

With the stair runner in place to protect the wood on the steps, a door now protects the house from drifting dust (and the kids from wandering up to the construction site).

Keeping Us In The Dark:

So much for the time spent researching the perfect light fixtures for the first floor… they’ve now been removed so as not to disturb them while walking above.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Backhoe Day!

Yesterday brought the much-anticipated Backhoe Day.  That’s right, the day the backhoe we now proudly own was delivered and made Sammy’s dreams come true.  Here’s how it went down at 8:30 am (just after Sammy left for the bus – thank goodness, pretty sure he’d never have made it to camp yesterday otherwise).

Backhoe pulls up – Greff inspects.

Jack observes… confused.

Jack realizes his “truck” is here.

Cab removed, backhoe unchained.

Greff gets a quick driving refresher course.

Construction King gets ready to roll.

Three-point turn in the neighbors’ driveway.

Backhoe strategically parked.

Now, to start excavation…

Greff’s Ultimatum

You need to move your flowers or they will be trampled.

So noted.  Email to the neighborhood gardening club sent.